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The F100 was at its best in 1956. Many changes were made that make this truck the best of the 53-56 Ford trucks. A lot of peole think its the coolest truck ever built. The easiest and quickest way to recognize a 56 over the 53-55 F100 models is by the cab. The slant front windshield pillars from 53-55 F100 are gone in favor of a more refined wrap around windshield on the 56 F100. A lot of people call the 53-55 trucks "slant cabs" because of the windshield and front cab pillars that slant up to the roof. This 56 cab design change leads to all kinds of additional changes. 53-55 slant cab trucks had a triangle shaped vent window to match the slant. 1956 F100 models have a more rectangular shaped vent window. Of course the door windows and division bars are different from slant cab models also. One of the most sought after options on the 56 F100 is the big back window truck. There were fewer of these made and they literally had a huge back window. The front grille & parking light assemblies are unique to 56 models. Because the headlights are sunken into the buckets on the grille, 56 F100 air deflectors have a dished out area for the headlight bucket to have room. The dash gauge area became arched on the 56 F100, rather than flat as on 53-55 models. 1956 also saw a new 12 volt electrical system. Vacuum wipers were gone in favor of an electric wiper system. Rear tail lights were the shield type. The engine line-up for the 56 F100 consisted of a 223 straight 6 cylinder as well as a 272 V8, though there were 3 versions of the 272 available in 56. There was a 2V carburetor light duty 272 engine and a 2V carburetor heavy duty 272. The third variation of the 272 was a 4V carburetor heavy duty engine.

56 F100 Production Numbers
Year Pickups

Panel Trucks

Big Window
1956 137,581 14,023 6,200

Year Model Code
1956 6

Year Truck Serial Code
    Regular Light 18,000 GVW
1956 F-100 Conventional F10 F11  
1956 F-250 Conventional F25 F26  
1956 F-350 Conventional F35 F36  
1956 P-350 Parcel Delivery P35 P36  
1956 F-500 Conventional F50 F51  
1956 B-500 School Bus B50 B51  
1956 C-500 Cab Forward C50 C51  
1956 P-500 Parcel Delivery P50 P51  
1956 F-600 Conventional F60 F61 F63
1956 B-600 School Bus B60 B61 B63
1956 C-600 Cab Forward C60 C61 C63
1956 P-600 Parcel Delivery P60 P61  

1956 Engine Codes
D O.H.V. 6 Cylinder-223 cid
V O.H.V. 8 Cylinder-2V Carb (L/D)-272 cid
Z O.H.V. 8 Cylinder-2V Carb (H/D)-272 cid
R O.H.V. 8 Cylinder-4V Carb (H/D)-272 cid

1956 Transmissions
Code Type
3 3-Speed Regular
3MD 3-Speed Medium Duty
3HD 3-Speed Heavy Duty
AUTO 3-Speed Automatic
3OD 3-Speed Overdrive
4SYN 4-Speed Synchronized
5DIR 5-Speed Direct
5OD 5-Speed Overdrive

Assembly Plant Code Plant Location
A Atlanta
B Buffalo
C Chester
G Chicago
D Dallas
F Dearborn
H Detroit Truck
K Kansas City
L Long Beach
U Louisville
E Manwah
M Memphis
N Norfolk
R San Jose
S Somerville
P Twin City

1956 Paint Code Paint Color Name
A Raven Black
B Dark Blue Metallic
D Light Blue
E White (for two tone)
G Light Green
R Torch Red
U Meadow Green
M Yellow
H Gray
P Prime
SS Special Order


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1956 F100 Model ID

1956 F100 Model ID




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1956 Ford F100 Parts

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